Schapiro Associates offers services in the finishing of professional interiors, providing a special focus on both scale and space. The design team at Schapiro Associates has a clear understanding that as the division between the disciplines of architecture and interior design becomes less defined, it is crucial to recognize how the two fields relate, and to provide solutions which respond to individual needs.

As a result of extensive experience in many types of interiors projects, the firm has established an approach which is not committed to any particular look or style, but which provides creative, integrated solutions for the client's image and usage requirements, while meeting the demands of tight deadlines, diversified corporate and mall regulations, and building codes. These strategies address the ways in which individuals use spaces where they live, work, and visit.

Throughout its history, Schapiro Associates has provided clients with design excellence in a wide range of projects from exclusive offices or boutiques, to millwork carpentry, electrical wiring and HVAC. The firm has proven its ability to provide clients with equal sensitivity, judgment and skill in choosing the appropriate design solutions for a wide variety of projects.

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