Schapiro Associates views architectural design as an endeavor to combine artistic intent with the rigor of science and technology to fulfill the client's requirements and the user's needs. Each project in the built environment presents new challenges, and Schapiro Associates successfully meets these challenges by addressing the many factors and complex issues involved with all projects, regardless of size and program.

The firm's design team considers each design program to be unique, seeking innovation with no predisposition for a ready made solution. Keeping in mind that form and image are the basic elements of design, the design team stresses equal importance in reflecting the needs and interests of its clients.

Schapiro Associates has a tradition of focusing on the importance of function and efficiency, providing a sound basis for design which takes into account the need for aesthetics, while maintaining an understanding of market forces, structure, and physical and economic constraints. It is through the adherence of this philosophy of addressing a full range of concerns that the firm can assure design excellence in all of its projects.

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